How is it now

Ask questions – ask why?

Before we can change anything we need to understand why. We need to look and analyse our habits and traditions. We need to look at it from the outside to be able to judge if what we are doing has a bad or good influence on the climate, humanity, diversity & equality, animal welfare or the economic fairness!

Look at everything we do. How we treat each other, how we judge one another. Imagine a day in you life. Watch everything you do – watch what other people are doing. How we eat, how we use transportation, and how we work and how we are with our friends and family. Maybe everything is perfect, maybe it isn't? Maybe we just follow what other people are doing, maybe we just follow a life and pattern that was made by traditions and habits, by both written and unwritten rules, made by others in a time where things were totally different. Maybe we are stocked to old dreams instead of finding our happiness in a new way. So many things are on autopilot, your habits, your thoughts and your behaviour. Maybe it doesn't has do be that way?