We are all different. We are born different, we are living in different cultures, we believe in different things, we live in different countries, different societies, we look different, we behave differently and we see thing differently. We all know it. And yet, there is still so much hate and prejudices against people who are different from people who believe they have the right to judge other badly, because they somehow don't sees themselves as different. 

The world can only become a better place if people feel free. Free to believe what they believe and free to be who they are. If we support and motivate each other to be honest to ourselves and live the life we believe is the right one for each and one of us, the world will become a much better place. When that is said, we can never support people who are evil, break any kind of laws, who treat other people badly or use any kind of violence or hurt other people with prejudices and hate. That kind of freedom kan never work in a modern society. 

We need to stand together in peace and love for all our positive differences. In the community you will meet:

– People who fight for diversity and equality 

– People who believe in free and positive speach 

– Companies with strong diversity and equality strategies 

– Organizations who help and support people in being the are