Work is important. It's important for the society we are part of, it's important for our own wealth and satisfaction. Without work most people will end up having a life without dreams and hopes for the better. Work is for most people their life foundation. 

But work is also the reason why people feel stressed and unhappy. Work is the reason why families are broken and children feel lack of love. Work is the reason why some people end up in depression and feel that they are worth nothing. A bad working environment makes people question their lives. 

Work can also be amazing. If people are lucky enough to do what they like. If they are lucky enough to have a manager that supports them and carry them through the day, instead of having a manager using psychological terror and unfair treatment making people sick. 

We spend most of our waken hours on work. And beside having a long working day, many people spend many hours travelling from their home to their working place. Most people are like robots doing the same things day in and day after. We earn our monthly salary being able to pay our bills. We accept that we lose our personal freedom the moment we enter our work. We accept being bossed around with by our manager, the executive board, or the owner of the company – just to make sure that we earn our monthly salary! Some of us hope to get acknowledged by our managers or the people that we are working with, so we can feel that we are special. For some work is the most important reason for living!

Have you ever questioned your working life? Why you have decided to see your own children so few hours each and everyday? Have you questioned why you leave your home the exact same time each and every day together with all the other people? Have you questioned why we are all sitting in the same traffic jams, or the crowded trains each and every day? Have questioned why your manager should have such a big influence on how you feel about yourself? 

There are so many questions to be asked! Maybe you have asked some of them! Maybe you haven't because you have accepted that the working culture you know of, is the only way and to powerful to change! 

In the community you will meet:

- People who question how we work and how it can be different and better

- Companies thinking out of the box - offering a new way of working

- Companies that offer another way so employees can have a better working balance life