Why Undonormal

Difficult to be the best version of yourself?


Tired of hiding and feeling stuck in life – just because you are you?  Eager to express who you truly are?


We want to create a community – a secure place with freedom to be who you are.

We are sad that so many people struggle with their lives and identities because they do not live up to predetermined expectations of how people should be.

We believe in diversity, we believe that the world will be a much better place for all humans if we trust, believe in and support each other for being who we are with all that it entails – instead of showing distrust, denigration and hate

Our community is about being who you are – without any filter, being proud of how you look and how you are – being perfect simply because you are the honest you.

Our community is about supporting others and supporting the idea that any society can only become beautiful, if we make room for diversity and differences.

Our community will not allow hate, denigration or any bad behavior putting other people down because they express who they truly are.


If you want to make a better world

If you believe that diversity and individuality is important for you and others – for making a better world –  making people free – making equal rights for all people – it should be reason enough for being part of Undonormal.

We need humans to stand together and say “enough is enough”. Today we put diversity into selective different boxes where the same kind of people come together!

Some people accept diversity, some don't, but when it comes down to it, many people still compare diverse people with what is seen as a normality. Many diverse people have way to often heard the sentence "I accept you, I really do, but wouldn't life be much easier for you, if you didn't do, what you are doing?". "Oh so you accept me - thank you so much". Diversity should come together, tear down the walls between all the different diversity boxes and show the world that when diversity stands together – we are the majority and we would never treat anyone as minority –  instead we see all human as equals.


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