As a workplace – who are we

We need happy colleagues


We believe that motivated, inspired and happy employees are the best foundation for making a working environment enabling a company to create fantastic results. And we are in business for making fantastic results – because fantastic results ensure increased opportunities and challenges for each of our employees. Fantastic results make it possible for our employees to grow and follow their dreams. A fantastic result makes it possible for Undonormal to help other people both in the community and in charity.


We believe that we, as humans in a working environment, become happy and motivated:


  • When we can be who we are


  • When we are only judged by our skills, our performance, our personality, how we treat and interact with our colleagues – and not when colleagues demean us because we do not follow normality in how we look or chooses to live our personal lives


  • When we are in an environment that supports diversity


  • When we have equal rights and equal opportunities


  • When we are in an environment where the management trust us. When we are judged by the quality of our work and not by the number of hours we spend in the office every day


  • When we are heard and are part of the decision making that affects our work environment


  • When we know why we go to work each and every day. When we have a clear picture of where the company is heading towards. When we know why our work is important and how it contributes to the overall passion and goals of the company


  • When we have leaders who support and guide us – instead of tackling us and pushing us off the side, so the leader himself is seen and honoured


  • When we know that we can trust our leaders to take care of us


  • When we have a good working balance between our work and our spare time


  • When we as colleagues use a lot energy on treating each other with respect and care


  • When we do not have colleagues, who want to demean us because they feel the need to assert themselves


Undonormal wants to create a working environment that empower personal motivation and happiness. We want to inspire our colleagues, and we want to be inspired. Our goal is to make an environment free of negative stress coming from bad management and bad leaders. We want to create an environment free of toxic people empowering themselves by demeaning their fellow colleagues. We want to have a working environment that embraces equality and diversity.