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In the Undonormal community you will find predefined groups created by Undonormal and our specially designated experts.

You can see our experts here.  


In Undonormal you will find groups within following topics:


Be who you are. Example of topics:

- My way of being me – in all the different stages of life

- I fight everyday – life is to short not trying


Gender equality. Example of topics:

- My fight against gender norms and gender rules

- I live a life without any norms, I'm just being me


My appearance. Example of topics:

- My look is somehow different or extreme in other people’s opinion

- I'm a men and people call me a crossdresser because I dare to wear want I want


My body. Example of topics:

- I’m short, I’m very tall, some say I’m overweight, or maybe I’m very thin


My career. Example of topics:

 - If I somehow is seen as “not normal”, how do I combine being me with my career?

My family:

- How can I tell my family about who I really am.

- How to help, stand by and support my daughter or son

My mind. Example of topics:

- They say I am perfect and normal – but I don't feel like it

My sexuality. Example of topics:

- My way of having a free life with myself, my love and what I believe is right


Our experts are real people with big hearts – experts who are exactly like you, or people with experience and the desire to support and motivate our members!


  • All of the groups have a clear purpose 


  • All of the groups have a name that defines what the group is about


  • All of the groups have a responsible person - which we call an expert 


  • All experts are specially selected by Undonormal


  • All experts are experts because they want to inspire, motivate and teach followers to become the best version of themselves


  • All experts have both passion and experience with the topic that the group is about


  • All experts have been asked to define their target groups, ensuring that only relevant content is shared


  • All experts have been asked to ensure that the groups are managed by our 7 values