Be yourself in an honest profile

Aiming for perfection in the eyes of others? Being you should be more than enough


Your profile in Undonormal is an honest profile. By honesty we mean that it is the most true expression of yourself – so you can be who you really are. A profile where you feel freedom to be yourself and not concerned about others’ opinion about you. In Undonormal you share every spectra of your life – your good days along with your less good days or even bad days. You are encouraged to share positive thoughts and troubled thoughts when life is not easy. You share pictures of everyday situations – real photos depending on the state you are in – you can express yourself no matter the situation.











Honesty is the key. Honesty makes it easier to find and connect with members who share your passions, interests, values and beliefs. Our vision is to bring people together from all around the world. The aim is not to have a huge group of friends – it is about having true friends – those who you can relate to, who can inspire you, give you courage and new motivation. When the fundament for your communication reflects the true you  – your connection and interaction is much stronger and you know you share some common values in life.