Be yourself in debate forums

Members can share ideas and thoughts and debate with each other without fear


Our vision is to have a community where members dare without any fear to communicate which each other. Undonormal is therefore a community where people can debate and communicate without hate, bullying and prejudices – a community with respect and a proper tone, even when people disagree and doesn’t understand each other. Remember the Undonormal community is inflexible when it comes to our 7 values.


In Undonormal we have a debate area where our members can ask questions, tell stories, share ideas or convey opinions and attitudes about different topics that occupy the member making the debate. We call it open Forum’s.


All members can start a debate, a forum, within different predetermined topics. We have predetermined the topics because we need to make sure that the many debate forum’s stays relevant to the members, their passion and their interests.


When members wishes to start a debate in an open forum, the content of the forum must fit into one of the predetermined topics, which are:


  • Be who you are
  • Gender Equality
  • My appearance
  • My body
  • My career
  • My mind
  • My sexuality
  • My surroundings
  • My products and services