We have no disturbing ads

Are you also tired of advertisement all around you?


Tired of Banners and pop-up windows with advertising trying to sell you something because you have previously searched for something that had your interest?


We are tired of disturbing ads and pop-ups!

That’s why Undonormal will not have any pop-ups or banners disturbing your engagement with the community. We will not misuse your data or privacy so any third party cannot sell you any kind of services or products.

Members will still be able to interact with companies and brands – and companies will still be able to get in contact with members. But only if members actively select that they wish to have contact between the two of them.


What people are used to on Social Media platforms and websites!

We know that people are used to that everything is free on the Internet. But nothing is for free. You pay by exposing yourself and by exposing your digital behaviour. Internet sites, social media platforms and free apps make money by selling advertisement space to ex.- companies, so these companies can target their advertisement messages directly to you – messages trying to convince you to buy their products or services.

And yes – sometimes you experience that the advertisement you are receiving is of relevance to you because it matches your current needs, your passion or interests. But you need to know, that relevant advertisement can only be relevant because someone is watching you and collecting your personal data, your digital journey, a journey showing your passion and interests, so companies can reach you with content matching exactly who you are and what you need.

We really do not support this kind of manipulation. Enough is enough. But we still believe that companies and customers want to talk - and be inspired by each other. We just think that it has to be on the terms of the customers. 

Please see “We welcome companies” in the footer.