We protect your data

We will not sell or share any data with any third party


We believe that the Internet has gone totally crazy. We believe that our data and digital behavior is being misused. People cannot do anything on the Internet, seeking a hobby, a passion, an interest, a sudden question or just browsing around, without afterwards being chased by banners, pop-ups from websites or companies who struggle to get people’s attention, so they can sell us something. We’re fed up with this situation.


That’s why we say “It’s your data – it’s your life and your privacy”


We will not sell or share any data with any third party. Meaning that your behavior in Undonormal will have no consequence outside Undonormal. We will never buy any data from any third party outside the community so we can manipulate you to have a behavior that can be exploited by the Undonormal community.

We acknowledge that algorithms are smart. Using algorithms, companies and websites can predict which interests you have and what you would like to be remembered about – they can even predict your habits in the future before you even thought about it yourself. But often algorithms are used for improving advertisement so companies who want to sell a product or service can hit you at the right time with the right message. That will not happen inside Undonormal. We only use data inside the Undonormal community – making it more easy and simple for you to be a member.


Please read this and agree when you sign up. 

01 August 2019


COMPANY: Be who you ara IVS / CVR NO. 39597152


  • I hereby confirm to have given my consent to allowing Undonormal/Be who you are IVS to use my personal data to a certain extend to make it possible for the community to be kept up-and-running and alive.
  • I am aware of the fact that Undonormal/Be who you are IVS is a closed community and that the spreading of my personal data is limited to other members of the community and to the specialists, mode­ra­tors etc attached to community.
  • I am also aware of the fact that, depending on the theme of the actual community, my signing up to this community could pass on data about me that in GDPR are categorized as ’special privacy data’, e.g. health information, information about sexual preferences etc., which are subjected to special and careful treatment in GDPR.
  • I also confirm to have given my consent to allowing Undonormal/Be who you are IVS to use pictures of me on the community homepage and other places such as - but not limited to - YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn from where my picture might not be removeable.
  • My consent is given with the knowledge that I am able to withdraw the consent at any time and that information collected during the time of the consent i.e. between the date of consent and the date of with­drawal, not in all cases can be deleted.
  • Data subject rights covering the processing of personal data is handled by the GDPR Article 6, item 1.a. (see actual rights below).
  • I am aware of the fact that withdrawal of my consent as a consequence could mean that I am excluded from the community or that I will be downgraded to a user with limited access to the community.
  • The consent is given when you sign up for the community
  • You have according to GDPR the following rights in connection to our processing of your personal data:
  • The right to know which information we are processing (Article 15)
  • The right to rectification i.e. if you think we are processing in-correct data about you, you have the right to have them corrected (Article 16).
  • The right to erasure (Article 17).
  • The right to restriction of processing your personal data i.e. under certain conditions you have the right to restrict our usage of your data (Article 18)
  • The right to withdraw a given consent.
  • The right to complain about our processing of your personal data. Please confer datatilsynet.dk