We welcome companies

We're making it possible for brands to reach all it's followers


We welcome companies


Brands will be visible in predetermined groups. Brands can only get in contact with members if a member chooses to follow the brand in the group the brand is in charge of.


In contrast to what brands are used  – chasing their potential customers with banners and pop-ups – members in Undonormal will themselves find the brands they want to follow without being exposed to any advertisement.


How does Undonormal offers huge benefits to a brand? Because Undonormal works differently that other social media platforms!


When a brand posts content in the group which they are in charge of, there is no limitation of how many members will see the content. Meaning that if a brand is followed by 100.000 members, all members will see the content posted by the brand.


How does Undonormal differ from other Social Media platforms?


The brand does not have to pay extra for content to reach all the members of the group

The level of reach is not managed by an algorithm deciding, based on the engagement level of the content, how many members will have the chance to see the content.

In Undonormal brands have free access to all their followers – all the time through the "our message" function. Brands can notify the followers about new relevant content by sending a directly message to them.


If you are a company or an organization that wish to have your own group within the Undonormal community. Please follow this link