We offer a paid membership

We want to protect our members towards haters and offer our members a community without advertisement


INTRODUCTION PRICES: Buy you membership now!

Prices until we reach the first 1000 members. Be a first mover. And it's you price forever!

1: Monthly membership. Price 1$

2: Yearly membership. Price 3$



1: Monthly membership. Price 9$

2: Annual membership. Price 60$


We want to make it more difficult for impulsive haters and people with negative opinions to enter our community

We want to make sure that our members can be in an environment without disturbing irrelevant commercials

We do not wish to sell data or in any other way share our member' data with any third party outside the community

We wish to give 5% of the net profit back to charity

When people have to pay – they cannot hide behind anonymity while they treat others with disrespect

Therefore we have two options for you: