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Welcome to Undonormal!

Below you will find the general terms and conditions governing the use of Undonormal and all of its sub-domains and aliases of these domains. When using Undonormal please bear in mind that even though Undonormal is a genuine online community any information you disclose about yourself and everything you upload can be generally viewed, copied, used, and passed on by others.

By registering to use the community’s sites you consent to the following general terms and conditions.

General terms & conditions (GTC):


  1. Scope
  • The provisions of these GTC govern the entire legal relationship between the validly registered user (hereafter ’the user’) and the community and the GTC are applicable to all services provided to the user or offered on the community sites and also to all of the user’s actions, contents, or other material relating to the community sites. The complete and valid GTC are available in a printable and storable form on the community site under ’Terms & Conditions’.
  • The user enters into this agreement by use of services with Undonormal. In so far as these GTC mention other users of the community sites, these GTC shall also govern the interaction between users. However, no user shall claim rights under this agreement against other users without prior consent of the community.
  • The community reserves the right to amend these GTC at any time insofar as these amendments are based on legitimate interests. The community shall give due notice of any amendments of these GTC to the user via the user’s email address and/or by placing a notice in the user’s personal inbox in his/her ‘Account Section’ and/or on the community site and/or by informing when the user log in to the site. The Amendments to the GTC shall be effective from the date informed in the notice.


  1. Services
  • Undonormal provides the user with an online platform which incorporates technical applications that allow the user to establish contact and share information with other users. This service as being made available via the community sites includes upload, download, and posting options regarding materials and information which the community, the user, or other users want to share on the community sites (content(s)).
  • Undonormal does not take part in any communication between users and is not responsible for or party to any agreements that users make by communicating over the community sites. The principles set forth in this section shall also apply to any agreements between users and third-party service providers providing supplemental services embedded in or linked to the community sites. Such third-party service providers are acting independently from the community, and Undonormal does not accept any liability for third parties’ acts or omissions.
  • Users who want to take advantage of the services provided on the community sites have the option to register for a monthly or yearly membershi.
  • The services include offers to join certain groups or subgroups and other forums or groups on the community sites. The user acknowledges that these groups may be established by other users of the services and accordingly, the user moderating the respective group is free to choose whether the user may join or remain in the group. The community is not responsible or liable for the participation or any action of the user or any other users, including the group moderator, in the group.
  • Undonormal reserves the right to modify the services or to offer services different from those offered at the time of the user’s registration at any time provided such modifications are based on good reason. The community shall not give personal due notice of any amendments of services to the user. It will be communicated on the site.
  • The user understands that it is technically impossible to offer or guarantee a 100% availability of the community sites. The community will make reasonable efforts to keep the community sites available without unplanned interruption. However, maintenance, security or other planned actions, and/or events beyond the community’ reasonable control (e.g. disruptions in public communication networks, power failures), may cause temporary interruptions or other failures of the services.


  1. Registration
  • To sign up as a user on Undonormal the user must complete the registration procedure on the community site. By completing the registration procedure, the user consents to enter into this agreement to use the services. The community accepts this offer by activating the user’s membership and personal account.
  • The user guarantees that the information submitted to the community for registration is complete and truthful. The user shall not use pseudonyms or nicknames, however, the community may allow exemptions at its sole discretion. The user shall keep the user’s profile up to date, in particular with regards to the user’s email address. The user shall ensure that the community can establish contact at all times with the user via the contact details provided by the user in the user’s profile on the community site.
  • When the User joins the Community, the User consents to the Community being able to contact the User about all the conditions and activities that take place in the Community. That is, emails and notifications with:


    1. general Community news and updates, including Community information and offers, and similar Community products and services,


    1. information and offers of new or improved features, advertising opportunities, contests or promotions regarding Community advertising and / or advertising,


    1. information and invitations to events held by Community or community members.

    We point out that you can withdraw your consent at any time by using the link at the bottom of each inquiry and that you can set notifications via your PC, phone or tablet.


  • The community reserves the right to refuse membership of any user for any or no reason. A user has no right to membership within the community.
  • The user confirms by registering that the user is of legal age at the time of registration and has not already registered with the community, i.e., only maintains one (1) user account.
  • User accounts are not transferable but personal.
  • During registration, the user must determine a password which they will use to identify themselves to access the site(s), the services, and the user’s personal account. The user is responsible for keeping the password secret and preventing other persons from accessing the user’s account via this password. The user shall notify the community immediately of any unauthorized use of the user’s password or account or any other breach of security. The user shall immediately inform the community if there is any indication that the password is being used by third parties. The community will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the user’s failure to properly comply with this section.
  • As far as the user is in breach of the provisions in this section 3, the community shall be entitled to terminate this agreement for good cause with immediate effect, to block the user’s account and/or to prevent further use of the services and the site(s) by the user.


  1. Prices and Payment
  • The prices for membership are set forth under a members’ account settings. The total amount shall be due immediately upon invoicing and can be paid by use of the debiting procedures made available by the community. The user is aware of the fact and agrees that in case of online debiting procedures (i.e. payment via credit card) any data (e.g. name, credit card number, expiry date, bank details, etc.) which is necessary for the due processing of such payment will be transferred to third parties involved in the execution of the debiting procedure (e.g. operator of payment module, credit card acquirer, and the bank issuing the credit/debit card).
  • The community reserves the right to amend the prices for future provisions of the services. Any price amendments shall become effective one (1) month after due notice by the community of the amendment via the community site.
  • The user accepts that he will receive all invoices via personal email.


  1. User’s Obligations 
  • The user shall only provide true and accurate personal, social, and professional information. The user shall not use any nicknames or pseudonyms to identify the user.
  • The user shall not use, upload, post, email, send, transmit, or otherwise make available (in particular towards other users), or have others make available on the community sites, any contents that violate laws and statutes in any manner (illegal contents) or contents inappropriate in other ways, such as, but not limited to: 
    • Contents breaching third-party rights – e.g. copyright, performance, and commercial property rights such as brands, patents, registered designs, design rights, and also other rights, for example name and personality rights;
    • Contents which are insulting or defamatory, regardless of whether said contents are directed at the community personnel, other companies, or another user;
    • Contents and actions violating criminal law, promoting anti-constitutional organizations or displaying the insignia of such organizations; contents glorifying violence; racist, pornographic, sexist contents; contents harmful to young persons; contents trafficking in narcotics, inciting or downplaying the consumption of narcotics, inciting criminal offenses, gambling, insult or slander, defamation, etc.;
    • Contents promoting any commercial practices considered unfair competition, including progressive customer acquisition practices (such as chain distribution systems, multilevel selling, or pyramid sales);
    • Contents annoying, pestering, or harassing any other user
    • Contents which include information for which the user has no right to disclose or make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as proprietary and confidential information, insider information, etc.);
    • Contents that contain company logos. This excludes employees of the community, who may use the community logo;
    • Contents intended to disrupt, destroy, limit, or impair services on the community sites or the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment, in particular through robots, spiders, spamming, DOS attacks, chain mail, junk mail, scripts, etc.
  • When using the community’s services, the user shall adhere to our Community Guidelines
    Respect means a lot in our community, so kindly abide by this when creating content.
  • The user shall not:
    • Send identical messages to more than one (1) user on the community sites;
    • Disguise the origin of any communication via the services or disguise the user’s own identity while using the services in any way;
    • Disobey any requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations set up for the use of the services on the community sites by the community;
    • Interfere with or disrupt the community sites, its servers, or General Terms and Conditions of the community networks connected to the community. Nor shall the user engage in acts that impair the operability of the community infrastructure, particularly those which may overload the said infrastructure;
    • Block, overwrite, modify, or copy any contents on the community sites, unless the said actions are necessary for the proper use of the services. The use of any search engine technology is not necessary for the proper use of the services and is therefore prohibited;
  • In the event the community has good reason to believe that the user has breached his/her obligations under this Section 5, the user agrees that the community shall be entitled to review the user’s personal data, communication and networking, however, only to the extent as required to verify such breach.


  1. Granting Rights to Undonormal 
  • The user grants the community all rights necessary with respect to contents to fulfill the purpose of this agreement.
  • In particular, the user grants the community the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, universally transferable, and fully sublicensable right to:
    • Store all contents (in particular images, videos, text, etc.) uploaded or posted during the use of the community sites in an electronic form. Personal information such as photos of the user, names etc. will be deleted if the user informs the community to do so.
    • Make non-personalized anonymized materials available to other users outside the community and third parties and to disseminate the same to other users and third parties upon demand by way of download, and also to permit other users and third parties to make virtual or physical copies of these contents for their personal or other own use.
    • Reproduce, disseminate, make generally available, and broadcast all uploaded contents when non-personalized and anonymized on all sites or other platforms and services operated by the community (in particular TV, advertising, print media, radio, internet, mobile internet).
    • Process contents in a user-friendly form for the community used by the user and to make the same non-personalized anonymized materials/information amenable for research and process the same such that other users and third parties can access the same at any time.
    • Amend, shorten, block, or suspend access to, and delete any contents provided by the user.
  • With respect to all contents described above, the user by registering waives the exercise of all moral rights as far as legally possible, in particular with respect to infringements through changes to the contents made by the community or third parties.
  • The user by registering warrants that with respect to the entire contents furnished by the user, the user is the holder of the corresponding intellectual property rights or is entitled to use and transfer rights of use (in particular for publication, reproduction, and dissemination) to the extent necessary and required under these GTC and during the course of the contents being used on the community sites without the infringement of any third-party rights.
  • The user by registering acknowledges the right of the community to publish any photographs or film footage taken at Events or Private Community Activities on the community sites and/or on any platform approved by the community. Should the user wish to refuse the same, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman prior to or at the event or activity. Should the user wish to have the community remove a photograph already published on the community site, the user must contact the community.


  1. No Responsibility for the User’s and Third-Party Contents
  • The community shall not be liable for any contents provided by or made available by any user, including the user’s contents. In particular, the community does not guarantee that any such contents are true or accurate, or that it fulfills or serves any particular purpose.
  • If the user finds contents offensive or objectionable, or a breach of the user’s or any third-party rights, or illegal in any other way, the user shall contact the community. The community will investigate the complaints and violations of its policies and may take any appropriate action, including, but not limited to issuing warnings, removing or blocking the contents, or terminating accounts and/or subscriptions.
  • The user acknowledges that the community sites include and provide contents provided by third-party providers as well as links to sites of third parties (altogether third-party contents). The community shall not be liable for any such third-party contents.


  1. Terms of Termination, Reimbursement of Advance Payments
  • These GTC shall remain valid and binding as long as the user uses the services.
  • Both parties may terminate without cause the membership to the end of the minimum service period as chosen by the user in the course of the registration process, or to the end of any renewal period, by giving notice before the lapse of the respective period.
  • The Community may by written notice to the other party terminate this agreement for good cause, taking into account all circumstances of the individual case and weighing the interests of either party against the other party, also considering any other adequate measures set forth in the GTC. On the part of the community, this is the case in particular if:
    • The user, when using the service, fails to comply with any applicable statutory legal requirements or substantial contractual obligations as set forth in these GTC;
    • If the user’s activities in relation to the community sites, which may substantially impair the reputation of the community sites or the community.
  • In the event of a good cause in accordance with Section 8.3 and notwithstanding the community’ right to terminate the agreement, the community is entitled to:
    • Delete or block the contents posted by the user,
    • Send the user a notice detailing the cause and claiming remedy of the cause, or
    • Block the user’s access to the services.
  • The user shall not be entitled to claim reimbursement of any advance payments made by the user if the community has terminated the agreement or blocked the user’s access for good cause pursuant to Section 8.


  1. Privacy 
  • The community acknowledges that any personal data provided by the user to the community is extremely important to the user. The community shall comply with all applicable legal provisions regarding data protection. In particular, the community shall not provide or otherwise disclose any personal data of the user to any third party without consent, unless the community is required by statutory applicable law to reveal the data to third parties, in particular government or regulatory bodies, or if the transfer of data is necessary for operation of debiting procedures as described in Section 4.1 above.
  • Details on the community’ handling and processing of the user’s personal data are set forth in the Privacy Policy of the community for the use of the services.


  1. Liability of the community
  • Subject to the provisions set out in this section, the community shall only be liable for any damages, irrespective of the cause of action, including tort, which:
    • Are caused by negligent violation of an essential contractual obligation which have to be duly fulfilled for the achievement of the contractual purpose and on which fulfillment the user can rely on under normal circumstances, or
    • Are caused by gross negligence, or
    • Willful misconduct of the community.
  • To the extent the community is held liable under the preceding paragraph, the community’s liability shall be limited to those typical damages which the community could reasonably foresee at the time of execution of the agreement, based on circumstances known to the community at that time, provided, however, this limitation shall not apply if any damages are caused by the community’ gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  • The community shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, or indirect damages unless those damages are caused by the community’ gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  • Nothing in this Section 10 shall limit the community’s liability for personal injury and property damage claims.
  • The community only provides the technical infrastructure which is necessary for its users to communicate and to interact with other users. Each user is solely responsible for his/her behavior and his/her interaction with other users. In particular, the community does not conduct a background check of its users and does not verify any statement from its users. Therefore, the community shall not be liable for any user’s behavior and interaction with other users.
  • Furthermore, the community only provides the infrastructure for the community users to organize Official Community Events or Private Community Activities or to interact with each other, but does not organize such events or activities. These events or activities are solely organized by other members (in the following referred to as ‘Activity Coordinators’) on a voluntary basis. Therefore, as stipulated otherwise herein, under no circumstance shall the community assume legal responsibility for damages related to such events or activities or to other interaction between its users. Nor is the community legally responsible for the behavior or actions of the community users or any other attendees during such events or activities.
  • The Activity Coordinators are in no way legally connected to the community, and, in particular, not employees of the community. The Activity Coordinators do not represent the community as vicarious agents. Thus, the community does not accept any legal responsibility and liability for damages resulting from the behavior and actions of Activity Coordinators. Nevertheless, Sections 1, 10.2, and 10.3 shall also apply for the benefit of the Activity Coordinators, with the addition that their liability for slight negligence shall be excluded in total. Nor are they legally responsible for the behavior or actions of the community members or any other attendees during such events or activities.
  • The Ambassadors, Specialists and other co-operation partners are in no way legally connected to the community and, in particular, not employees of the community. The Ambassadors, Specialists and other co-operation partners do not represent the community as vicarious agents. Thus, the community does not accept any legal responsibility and liability for damages resulting from the behavior and actions of the Ambassadors, Specialists and other co-operation partners. Nevertheless, Sections 1, 10.2, and 10.3 shall also apply for the benefit of the Ambassadors, Specialists and other co-operation partners, with the addition that their liability for slight negligence shall be excluded in total. Nor are they legally responsible for the behavior or actions of the community members or any other attendees during the Official Community Events.
  • To the extent, the afore-mentioned Sections 1 through 10.8 provide for exemptions or limitations of liability of the community, these Sections shall also apply to the benefit of the community’s representatives and employees as well as its vicarious agents.


  1. Indemnity 
  • The user shall indemnify and hold the community harmless and not accountable for claims for breach of third-party rights for which the user is responsible or any damage which is caused by a breach of any contractual obligations by the user. In particular, the user shall indemnify and hold the community guiltless and not accountable for claims by third parties resulting from any illegal acts by the user, in particular with respect to contents provided by the user infringing third-party rights or otherwise illegal contents. In so far as such infringement of rights result in court proceedings, the user shall also bear the costs incurred by the community as a result, in particular court and attorney costs.


  1. Methods of Communication with the User
  • Unless otherwise stated in these GTC, the user shall submit all notices to the community and shall communicate with the community through the contact channels made available by the community.


  1. Miscellaneous 
  • If any provision of these GTC is, for any reason, invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. The same consequence shall apply to unintended gaps within these GTC.
  • The place of performance under these GTC shall be the community’s main place of business.
  • Place of jurisdiction, insofar as legally admissible, shall be Copenhagen, Denmark. This shall not impair any consumer jurisdiction forum competent for a dispute.
  • Save as provided otherwise in this Section, these GTC and the contractual relationship shall be governed by Danish Law, excluding the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).


  1. Consumer’s Right to Cancellation
  • If a user uses the services for a purpose that is not related to either his or her commercial or freelance activity, the following provisions shall apply to these when the users have usual residence in the EU or the EEA:


Right to Cancellation and Exercise of Such Right

The user may cancel the contract for his/her membership registration within fourteen (14) days without stating a reason. The fourteen days period starts at registration.

  • If the user requested that the service performance by the community should already start during the fourteen days cancellation period, the user shall pay a reasonable amount which shall adequately reflect the part of the services which have been performed until the cancellation, by taking the entire scope of the originally purchased services into account.
  • The above provisions only apply to initial subscriptions and not to renewals of ongoing memberships.
  • The user’s right of termination under Section 8 shall not be affected by the user’s cancellation right under this Section 14.


Content Disclaimer

To the best of our knowledge, all information in articles on Undonormal’s sites published by the community is accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication. However, Undonormal makes no claim that the information contained in these articles is complete, nor do we give any guarantee whatsoever on the accuracy of the content. While all our articles are reviewed regularly, some of the information might have changed since the time of publication or the last review.

The articles are neither legal advice in any way, nor can they replace the knowledgeable opinion of lawyers or other professionals in the various fields discussed in the articles.

Please note that the community is not responsible for the accuracy of and opinions expressed in member-contributed articles.

The articles aim to offer current and future community members a glimpse into what awaits them and intends to inform them about the different aspects of being a part of the community. However, we cannot be held responsible if the user’s own experiences differ from what is presented in the articles.

Together we will build a meaningful community where we regard each other as a force for good.